Nematode Biology

Department of Evolution, Ecology and Behaviour
Institute of Integrative Biology
University of Liverpool
Liverpool L69 7ZB
+44 (0)151 795 4402
email: Mark Viney

Current lab members

image of a nematode buccal cavity

Vicky Hunt is working on a Wellcome Trust-funded project investigating the molecular and genetic basis of nematode parasitism in Strongyloides ratti. Steve Abolins, working with Laura Weldon, is leading a NERC-funded project investigating the immune function of wild mice. Luke Lazarou is investigating the immunogenetics of these wild mice for his PhD. Barney Wharam is working on life-history trait evolution in C. elegans for his PhD. James Cutler is investigating interactions between C. elegans and snails.

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Former lab members
  • Yvonne Bisset
  • Colin Bleay
  • Jenny Brookes
  • Brian Chan
  • Sue Coe
  • Matt Crook
  • James Cutler
  • Anaid Diaz
  • Paul Drescher
  • Matt Fisher
  • Mike Gardner
  • Lisa Green
  • Mike Gardner
  • Simon Harvey
  • Louise Hughes
  • Joe Jackson
  • Jill Lovell
  • Steve Paterson
  • Emily Roberts
  • Rik Rolfe
  • Alison Shorto
  • Will Spinner
  • Fiona Thompson
  • Clare Wilkes
  • George Winter
  • Laura Weldon